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Tan Through Bikini

Tan Through Bikini

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No Tan Lines This Summer 🌞

Sit back and relax knowing you're tanning through your bikini!

 Get an Even Full-Body Tan

Our bikinis are made of a mesh material

It lets sunlight through, so you can tan without any tan lines 

While also looking like a normal bikini!

'I didn't think it would actually not give me tan lines, but omg I've literally never been so impressed' 

- Ava R.

Hand Made For Superior Comfort

We hand stitch our tan-through material to ensure you're 100% comfortable while tanning this summer!

We've designed our pieces to give the same coverage and support you're used to

While giving you the tan-through experience you've never seen before!


Our Bikinis Are ✨ Tan Through ✨Too 

In our signature low Coverage Push-Up style, for the pool party vibes!

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