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Lumi Blemish Wand
The pain free blemish solution with results in 24 hours!

Tested and Proven

Our wand is proven to reduce inflammation and to speed up the healing process using our special frequency red light!

Step 1: Clean and prep the desired treatment area then make sure it is dry

Step 2: Click the power button and apply the red light for 90 seconds (until it beeps)

Step 3: Repeat your 90 second treatments up to 3 times per day then enjoy the results!

How Does It Work?

The Lumi Blemish Wand delivers optimized Red light wavelengths at high power, for optimal photomedi results! Light at these frequencies has been shown to speed up the healing of blemishes which is exactly why the Lumi Wand was created!

What's Included?

1 x Lumi Blemish Wand

1 x USB Plug for charging

1 x User Manual

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