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Blinger Buddy

Blinger Buddy

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'The Cutest Hair I've Ever Had'

The Blinger Buddy makes people say 'how did you get your hair like that!!' 💫

Perfect for special occasions

When you really need your outfit to ✨ Pop✨ the Blinger Buddy has you covered!

'This is the best thing I've bought from TikTok, my hair looks SUPER cute!!'

Over 20,000+ Happy Customers Since 2020

How Blinger Buddy Works

  • Load the Blinger Buddy with your favorite Crystal pack
  • Place your hair between the clippers
  • Click both clippers together to apply the crystal to your hair
  • Enjoy your new look!
  • When done with the crystals in your hair, lightly peel them off
  • Done!

What's Included?

1x Blinger Buddy

8x Crystal Packs - each containing 18 hair crystals

1x Instruction Manual


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