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Mosquito Buddy

Mosquito Buddy

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No More Mosquitos 🦟

Enjoy this summer free of those annoying itchy bites!


✔️  The Quietest Mosquito killer you'll find!

✔️  Purple LED Lights attract Mosquitos, Moths, Fruit Flies, and House Flies

✔️ The Zapper is shielded. 100% Child Proof!

✔️ Can run 24 hours a day continuously 

✔️ Easily hung using its metal ring to be out of the way

✔️ Perfect for indoor AND outdoor use!

'My kids are no longer complaining about getting itchy bites while playing outside at night! Amazing :)'

- Alison G.


What's Included?

1x Mosquito Buddy (8.5x3.5 Inches) 

1x instruction Manual

1x Power Cable


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