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Dirty Dishes Clean In 2 Minutes!

The PocketWasher does the annoying clean-up for you 🧼

No more wasting time hand washing! The PocketWasher is expertly designed to be small but powerful

3 Different Cleaning Settings mean you can clean dishes, fruit & veg, or even your clothes with your PocketWasher! 

How It Works

  • Place your dishes in your sink with water and a small amount of dish soap
  • Click your cleaning mode
  • Ultrasonic mode emits vibrations into the water to shake off dirt and grease
  • Bubble mode emits bubbles into the water to prepare for cleaning
  • Turbine mode Spins the fan on top of the PocketWasher to spin water around your dishes to clean them!

What's Included?

1x Pocket Washer

1x Power Cable

1x instruction Manual


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